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RNR-Marine™, Inc has Factory Original-Equipment (OEM) Canvas for 1,000's of boats and manufactures the T-Topless™, Montauk-T-Topless™, Shadow™, Montauk-Shadow™ and Flats-Top™ folding and removable tops for Center Console and Flats Boats
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Boston Whaler®
Outrage-II 19 (1992-1995)
Montauk-T-Topless™ Folding Stainless Steel T-Top in Sunbrella^®^;
Montauk-T-Topless™ Folding Stainless Steel T-Top in Sunbrella® Marine Fabric

Carver T-Top/Hard-Top Boat-Cover
Carver T-Top/Hard-Top Boat-Cover goes over entire Top, Console, Seats, Boat and Motor

T-Top and Center Console Storage Curtains
T-Top Storage Curtains covers Center Console, Electronics, Instruments, Helm Seat/Leaning-Post and Front Seat

Universal Center Console Cover
Sunbrella® Center Console Cover (univesal) protects Center Console, Electronics and Instruments

Universal Leaning Post Cover
Leaning-Post Cover (universal)

Universal Reversible Seat Cover
Reversible (Flip-Flop or Pilot) Seat Cover (universal)

Boat Shade Kit
Shade-Extension Kit attaches to your existing top to provide more shade for your family

Sunbrella^®^; Stainless Steel Bimini Top
Complete, stand-alone Sunbrella® Stainless-Steel Bimini-Top with Boot Cover

Sunbrella^®^; Aluminum Bimini Top
Complete, stand-alone Sunbrella® Aluminum Bimini-Top with Boot Cover

Select-Fit^&trade^; Boat-Cover
Select-Fit™ Boat-Cover

Most Boston Whaler OEM Canvas Offered in Sunbrella® Marine Fabric
Boston Whaler® Factory Original-Equipment Sunbrella® Marine Canvas

RNR-Marine™ products are Made in the USA

Home Boston Whaler Boston Whaler 19 1992-1995 Boston Whaler Outrage-II 19

Boston Whaler® Outrage-II 19 (1992-1995) center console boat: 19 Outrage-II center console. We did not make any factory OEM canvas or covers for the 1992 to 1995 Outrage-II 19. Measure your boat for Montauk-T-Topless(tm) or Montauk-Shadow(tm) folding T-Tops heights. Need to pattern your boat in Charleston, SC for TTopCover(tm).

Products: Click product links below for details/colors/purchase, click images/links at right for full view...
  1. Montauk-Shadow™ Folding T-Top kit - Montauk-Shadow(tm) patent-pending, stainless steel, folding T-Top Kit for Boston Whaler(r) Montauk(r) , Outrage(r) and Dauntless(r) boats (Sunbrella) for Boston Whaler® Outrage-II 19 (1992-1995) , $OutOfStock
  2. Montauk-T-Topless™ Folding T-Top (Montauk, Outrage & Dauntless) - Montauk-T-Topless(tm) patent-pending, stainless steel, lighted, folding T-Top for Boston Whaler(r) Montauk(r), Outrage(r) and Dauntless(r) boats (Sunbrella) for Boston Whaler® Outrage-II 19 (1992-1995) , $OutOfStock
  3. Montauk-T-Topless™ Spray-Shield - Front Spray-Shield for Montauk-T-Topless(tm) folding T-Top (Sunbrella) for Boston Whaler® Outrage-II 19 (1992-1995) , $631.49
  4. Montauk-T-Topless™ Gull-Wings - Pair of Side Gull-Wings to Zip onto Montauk-T-Topless(tm) Front Spray-Shield (Sunbrella) for Boston Whaler® Outrage-II 19 (1992-1995) , $743.41
  5. T-Topless™ Gear-Loft - Gear-Loft, made of open weave Phifertex(r) to keep contents dry, laces under T-Topless(tm) and Montauk-T-Topless(tm) T-Top canvas to store 4-5 PFDs and other gear (Phifertex) for Boston Whaler® Outrage-II 19 (1992-1995) , $159.87
  6. TTopCovers™ T-Top Boat Cover, Elite™ 9oz fabric - TTopCovers(tm) T-Top or Hard-Top Boat-Cover (Elite 9oz./sq.yd. fabric) attaches beneath T-Top or Hard-Top frame to cover entire boat, bow, helm, cockpit and motor(s). Custom patterned for tight fit for Boston Whaler® Outrage-II 19 (1992-1995) , $894.00 , SALE PRICE: $840.36 (Summer Sale)
  7. TTopCovers™ T-Top Boat Cover, Weathermax™ 8oz fabric - TTopCovers(tm) T-Top or Hard-Top Boat-Cover (Weathermax-80 8oz./sq.yd. fabric) connects to underside of T-Top or Hard-Top frame to cover entire boat, bow, helm, cockpit and motor(s). Custom patterned (not a generic fit cover) for tight fit for Boston Whaler® Outrage-II 19 (1992-1995) , $794.00 , SALE PRICE: $746.36 (Summer Sale)
  8. Carver® Over T-Top Boat-Cover - Carver® Over T-Top cover (SunDura® 7oz./sq.yd. fabric by Glen Raven Mills®) goes over the T-Top (or Hard-Top) to cover and protect the entire top, console, seats, boat and motor , (click the blue/underlined link at left to pick size/boat for price)
  9. T-Top Center-Console Storage-Curtains - Alternative to Console (and Helm Seat) Covers, completely covers Entire Console PLUS Cooler/Seat in front of Console PLUS Helm Seats (or Leaning-Post) (Great for IN WATER use) , (click the blue/underlined link at left to pick size/boat for price)
  10. Leaning-Post Cover (universal) - Universal (non-OEM) Cover for many Leaning-Posts , (click the blue/underlined link at left to pick size/boat for price)
  11. Center-Console Cover (universal) - Sunbrella® Console Covers (non-OEM) in 3 sizes , (click the blue/underlined link at left to pick size/boat for price)
  12. Reversible Seat Cover (universal) - Universal (non-OEM) Reversible-Seat Cover for most Flip-Flop and Reversible Pilot Seats , (click the blue/underlined link at left to pick size/boat for price)
  13. Carver® Stainless-Steel, Sunbrella® Bimini-Top - Complete Bimini-Top Sunbrella® Canvas, Stainless Steel Frame, Boot Cover, Straps and Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware , (click the blue/underlined link at left to pick size/boat for price)
  14. Westland® Aluminum, Sunbrella® or Sharkskin® Bimini-Top - Complete Bimini-Top Sunbrella® or Sharkskin® Canvas, Aluminum Frame, Boot Cover, Straps and Stainless Steel or Nylon Mounting Hardware , (click the blue/underlined link at left to pick size/boat for price)
  15. Strapless-Bimini™ Frame Add-on Kit - Patent-pending Strapless-Bimini(tm) kit eliminates annoying Bimini-Top straps , (click the blue/underlined link at left to pick size/boat for price)
  16. Carver® Zippered Folding Top Storage Boot Cover - for folding Bimini, Sunshade, Camper, Pontoon or Tower Tops when Top is folded and not in use. , (click the blue/underlined link at left to pick size/boat for price)
  17. Bimini or T-Top Extension Kit - Stretchy canvas (with telescoping poles) attaches to the Bimini or T-Top to extend shade over the cockpit (or bow) with telescoping aluminum Support Poles , from $639.00 , SALE PRICE: $600.66 (Summer Sale) to $844.00 , SALE PRICE: $793.36 (Summer Sale) (Select Size/Model)
  18. Select-Fit™ Boat Cover - search for Boat Cover for center console boat
  19. Outboard Motor Hood - Exact-Fit cover for many makes, models and sizes of outboard motors , (click the blue/underlined link at left to pick size/boat for price)
  20. SNAD™ "No-Drill" Snaps, White - Drill NO holes in your white boat with YKK® SNAD™ White 3M® Adhesive Domed std. size Male Snap Studs.
  21. SNAD™ "No-Drill" Snaps, Clear - Drill NO holes in your boat or aluminum T-Top or Hard-Top frame with YKK® SNAD™ Clear 3M® Adhesive Flexible Male Snap Studs.
  22. Rod-Holders - Stainless Steel Rod Holders mount on 7/8 or 1 inch rails
  23. Duffle-Bag (Plain or T-Topless™ Logo)
All Canvas and Covers are made-to-order and typically ship in 2-5 weeks
(check your cart for actual lead time).

Boston Whaler®: Per Boston Whaler: "The mission of Boston Whaler(r) is to provide consumers with the safest, highest quality, most durable boats in the world".

Canvas for Boston Whaler(r) boats was manufactured primarily by Great Lakes Boat Top Company(tm) and Ameritex(r), for which RNR-Marine(tm); is an online dealer. Prior to 1997, most (all?) Whaler canvas was made by Mills(tm). Because Great Lakes and Ameritex work directly with Boston Whaler(r) on patterns, design and quality, every boat canvas product is guaranteed to fit and match the original canvas.

When installing a Montauk-T-Topless(tm) or Montauk-Shadow(tm) folding T-Top, the Montauk 17, Outrage and Dauntless windshield grab rails are 7/8"dia and Montauk 17 seat bars are 7/8"dia, while Montauk 170 and 190 and Dauntless 150 and 180 have 1"dia seat bars.

Boston Whaler(r); has great support and offers free online access Assembly Drawings with part numbers, Wood Locating Models, Transducer Locaitng Models and Non-Skid Refernece Charts back to 1998 at WhalerParts.com, as well as a great Boston Whaler Owners Club. There are also two popular and very active Whaler Owner Sites, ContinuousWave.com and WhalerCentral.com, that are full of facts, figures and a forum of knowledgeable Whaler owners.

Factory Original-Equipment-Manufacturer (OEM) Canvas for Boston Whaler® boats: Our team patterned and manufactured the Factory Original-Equipment-Manufacturer (OEM) canvas for Boston Whaler® Sport, Dauntless, Montauk, Outrage, Adventue, Offshore and Conquest boats from 1997 to current.

We produce new canvas (diagram explaining what each piece of canvas is called) in Black, Captain Navy, Forest Green, Cadet Grey, Jockey Red and White Sunbrella fabric. We often offer ANY color Sunbrella to match your personal taste (these colors may not be available from the dealer). Note: Zippers on OEM Boston Whaler canvas are size #8 (6 teeth/inch). The Boston Whaler(r) OEM canvas part number scheme: [xxxxx] identifies which canvas piece, [cc] is the color code. Boston Whaler(r) HIN = BWCsssssmbyy , where [yy] = model year. We cannot sell canvas direct for new Boston Whaler(r) boats (less than 3 years old). Windows are made with 30ga Eisenglass flat (not rolled) clear vinyl window material. Specifications, care and cleaning of Sunbrella , 30ga Eisenglass flat (not rolled) clear vinyl and other canvas materials are detailed below. In some cases (if the boat mfgr is out of business for example you can upgrade the windows to Strataglass coated clear vinyl (approx. 50-60 percent more cost), however the standard Eisenglass (clear vinyl) will last for many years with proper care, cleaning and storage. We utilize our library of 1,000's of patterns to produce new, "made-to-order" Factory Original canvas for your Boston Whaler® boat. This is the same canvas originally offered from the Boston Whaler® Factory and sold by your local Boston Whaler® dealer (local dealers may only go back 5 years or so however, and charge local sales tax, which we do not charge except in South Carolina). No other canvas manufacturer has these patterns or the ability to produce the exact Factory OEM canvas that was offered from the Boston Whaler® Factory when your boat was new.

Please be sure that you have the Factory Boston Whaler® frame or matching canvas.
Zipper Sizes #8 and #10
Size #10 (5 teeth/inch) and #8 (6 teeth/inch) zipper comparison and measurement
There are no cancellations, refunds or returns on Factory OEM canvas, since it is all "made-to-order" for you. Some owners (and even dealers, when new) installed their own "after-market" Bimini Tops, T-Tops, Hard-Tops and Canvas, so please:

  1. Compare your canvas or frame to the Boston Whaler® factory OEM photos shown here,
  2. Check for tags with Boston Whaler® OEM part numbers on existing canvas,
  3. Verify that your existing canvas has # 8 gauge zippers (factory original-equipment Boston Whaler® OEM zipper size):
    • #8 gauge zippers have 6 teeth per inch and will NOT zip to #10 zippers,
    • #10 gauge zippers have 5 teeth per inch and will NOT zip to #8 zippers,
    • See zipper size comparison photo at right,
    • Please note that after-market canvas makers often use the large #10 gauge zippers.
    • The zipper gauge size is actually the height of the teeth, 8mm or 10mm tall for example. (#8 has 8mm tall teeth and #10 is 10mm tall for example). Since it is very difficult to measure the zipper tooth height, the easiest way to measure zipper size is to count the number of teeth over 2 inches: a #8 zipper has 12 teeth over 2 inches and a #10 zipper has 10 teeth over 2 inches.

Additional Shade for Boston Whaler® boats : When its hot you can never have enough shade. Our Boat Shade Kits (starting at $639.00 , SALE PRICE: $600.66 (Summer Sale)) extend shade over the cockpit or bow (can even be used like a Spray-Dodger) and can be put up or taken down in minutes.

Folding T-Tops to fit Boston Whaler® boats: Our T-Topless™ folding T-Top and Shadow™ folding T-Top fit most Boston Whaler® Montauk 17/170/19/190, Outrage 17-22 and Dauntless boats. Both tops lower (or remove) in less than 15 minutes to store your boat in your own garage or storage building/shed, potentially saving $1,000's per year in storage costs (or let you pass under a low bridge). The T-Topless™ and Shadow™ tops are made of solid, yet lightweight, 1-inch diameter welded Stainless Steel tubing with Sunbrella® canvas and install in an hour on the Stainless Steel windshield grab rails of Boston Whaler® center console boats.

Factory Original-Equipment (OEM) Covers for Boston Whaler® boats : We offer Factory OEM Console, Pedestal-Seat, Leaning-Post, Bow, Cockpit and some Mooring Covers (typically in durable Sunbrella®) to fit your Boston Whaler® boat perfectly.

Custom After-Market Covers for Boston Whaler® boats : We also offer after-market Westland® Exact-Fit™Boat Covers (from $127) and Carver® Custom-Fit™Boat Covers (from $239) and LaPortes® Custom Fitted Boat Covers (from $449) and Westland® Select-Fit ™ (by boat type/size) Boat Covers (from $117) and Outboard Motor Hoods (covers) (from $44) in Sunbrella® marine fabric (the best quality, breathable fabric for covers) as well as some excellent high-quality, but less expensive materials, that are designed as an "Exact-Fit" using measurements taken from your particular model of outboard motor.

For Center Console boats, we also offer Universal (Not OEM) Center Console (No T-Top) Covers, Leaning Post Seat Covers and Reversible (Flip-Flop) Seat Covers.

A popular solution for boats with T-Tops are our T-Top Console-Storage-Curtains, which completely cover the front cooler seat, entire console and helm seats or leaning post (starting at $484.00 , SALE PRICE: $454.96 (Summer Sale)). This is a nice alternative to the factory OEM console-cover and OEM leaning-post or OEM pedestal-seat-cover, typically costing less than the OEM console-cover alone.

Since Boston Whaler® did not offer a factory mooring cover for boats with a T-Top, we offer custom-fit, durable TTopCovers® Under T-Top Boat-Covers and Carver® Over T-Top Boat-Covers for Boston Whaler® center console and walk-around cuddy boats boats with the Factory OEM T-Top or Hard-Top. We have patterned hundreds of boats and T-Tops, so search for your boat or email to see if we have patterned your boat

Boston Whaler® Boat Resources:

Factory OEM and After-Market Canvas
For more details, see RNR-Marine.com/Canvas.shtml

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