Camper Top Frame (Factory OEM)
part number [1xxxxxccc]
for 2004-2004 Crownline® 275 CCR No Arch
275CCR cuddy (No Tower or Arch)

Camper-Top-Frame-OEM-T™Factory Camper FRAME alone for OEM Camper-Top Canvas (not included), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Boat Canvas Identification, Ameritex.
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Factory Camper FRAME alone for OEM Camper-Top Canvas (not included), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) , produced with the same high quality, original 2004-2004 digitized patterns approved by Crownline® for the 275 CCR No Arch: 275CCR cuddy (No Tower or Arch):
  • Notes: Camper-Top-Frame only (NO Canvas or Curtains). The Camper-Top-Frame is attached to the back (sometimes the front on Bow-Riders or Deck Boats) of a Bimini, Sunshade, Convertible Top or Arch that has its own frame. When combined with Curtains, the Camper-Top fully encloses the back of the boat providing full, protected use of the rear cockpit area at the dock or underway. Factory Original-Equipment (OEM) canvas made-to-order and shipped from Ameritex® .
    • Factory OEM canvas: Ameritex® tags p/n [1xxxxxccc]
    • Manufacturer & Model Specific details for the 2004-2004 Crownline® 275 CCR No Arch 275CCR cuddy (No Tower or Arch):Crownline
      • Effective 6/2014, Ameritex® ONLY manufactures Crownline® OEM Bimini Tops, Camper Tops, Connection Strips, Bow Covers and Cockpit Covers,
      • Ameritex® no longer manufactures Crownline® OEM Eisenglass windows products, including Front Windshield Connectors, Side Curtains, Aft Curtains, Camper Side Curtains and Camper Aft Curtains, due to fit issues where Crownline® made changes to their boats after the canvas was initially patterned by Ameritex®.
    • TIP: Be sure to check your existing (and adjacent connecting) canvas pieces (and frames) for:
      1. White Ameritex® tags p/n [1xxxxxccc] (the tags are approx. 2-3 inches x 4-5 inches),
      2. The Ameritex®  logo embossed on the heads of the stainless canvas snaps,
      3. The Zipper Size listed above (#8 in most cases) on all zippers.

  • Size/Fit:
    1. Factory Original-Equipment-Manufacturer (OEM) patterned for the 2004 Crownline® 275 CCR No Arch: 275CCR cuddy (No Tower or Arch).
    2. Will ONLY fit and/or zip to other Factory OEM canvas/frames with Ameritex® tags p/n [1xxxxxccc] ("ccc" is the color code).
    3. Only fits specified boat.
    4. Factory OEM #8 Zippers Ameritex Verify that your old and mating canvas has AMERITEX® or TAYLOR-MADE® on the tags and embossed on the Canvas Snaps AND the correct factory OEM Zipper Size (#8 = 6 teeth/inch in most cases).
    5. Check the 2004-2004 Crownline® 275 CCR No Arch Model-Specific-Information abovefor any other size/fit notes and zipper size.
    6. Does NOT fit Crownline® 275 CCR No Arch prior to 2004.
    7. Does NOT fit Crownline® 275 CCR No Arch after 2004.
    8. Does NOT fit any year/make/model other than the 2004-2004 Crownline® 275 CCR No Arch.

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  • Guarantee: We guarantee our factory original (OEM) canvas, frames and covers:
    • Will be of first rate quality and free of manufacturing defects,
    • Will be made with the exact patterns and specifications as originally designed and delivered with the boat when new,
    • Will fit the specified boat, as long as the existing and mating canvas and frames are factory original: having part numbers, snaps and zipper size as specified in the Size/Fit and Model-Specific-Information on this page,
    • Will perform as described when installed properly.
    You can count on all of the above or we will repair or replace the item in question.

  • Warranty: This product is covered by the Ameritex® 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

  • Maintenance and Care: Canvas and Eisenglass Care and Maintenance
  • Reviews: Rated 4.5 / 5, based on 111 customer reviews   ★★★★✯

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